Taxi Transfers To and From Cartagena Airport

Cartagena Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

It is possible to take a taxi, a rideshare, or a hotel shuttle service to and from Colombia's Cartagena Airport. Numerous tour companies provide excursions and other types of excursions in and around the city.

Several firms provide boat cruises to adjacent islands if you're searching for a day trip from the city.

Taxi Services at Cartagena Airport

There are two approved taxi stands at the airport, one in each terminal. The exits for the country and the world are where you'll find the ranks.

Price estimates range from COP 15,400 to the city's historic core and COP 21,800 to Bocagrande when traveling from the Cartagena Airport.

Depending on where you are staying, the drive into the city's heart could take as little as 10 minutes from Getsemani, 15 minutes from Bocagrande, or up to 20 minutes from the outskirts.

Only take official taxis, as their fares are standard across the city.

Rideshare Services at Cartagena Airport

Despite the lack of a complete stop, services like Uber are readily available (since it is for authorized taxis). As a result, once the transfer request has been submitted, the pick-up location must be arranged with the driver via the app.

Although they typically charge less than taxis, they do not offer the convenience of waiting for you outside the station.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Cartagena Airport

When you arrive at Cartagena Airport in Colombia, you can take advantage of the offered hotel shuttle services. You can relax and not worry about getting to and from your hotel because shuttles will take you there and back.

Inquire at the airport's information counter about the finest provider in your area.

Visit the hotel's page to find out if and where the feature is offered during your stay.

Taxi fares to & from Cartagena Airport (CTG)

Book Origin / Destination Duration (Mins) Distance Up to 4 passengers Up to 7 passengers Up to 13 passengers
Book Cartagena Colombia 35 15 KM
Taxi fares, distances and travel times to & from Cartagena Airport (CTG)

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